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Jeremy Corbyn – what a rise to the top!

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Brand Corbyn: Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party Leader

My goodness! Wasn’t the Labour leadership race one to watch? With Jeremy Corbyn storming to a landslide victory, it certainly was one for the history books. Ever since his name was associated with the Labour leadership, he has been surrounded by controversy – not just his opinions, but even the whole voting process to boot.

Since his appointment, he’s been like a journalist’s dream… almost every day there’s been something to write about: his refusal to sing the National Anthem, his determination to nationalise the railways, and generally saying things that don’t toe the party line.

But what is it about him that has made him so popular in the eyes of the Labour voting nation? Brand Corbyn has certainly made a lasting impression, and to think we didn’t really know who he was a few months ago. When he first threw his hat into the ring for the leadership, Ladbrokes gave him 100/1.

He’s always been steadfast in his principles. He’s defied Labour Whips more than 500 times since 2001, he’s always spoken against the Iraq War, and although many don’t agree with his opinions and have shied away from his viewpoints, you can’t argue with his consistency. And that’s appealing.

At a time when people are beginning to tire of politicians aligning themselves too much to the middle, Corbyn is a breath of fresh air. He feels innovative, not afraid to go against the grain and to stand up for what he believes in. That’s exciting to people who want change, whatever that might be.

Although he’d probably hate to think it, he does have a strong identity. Totally different to the polished speakers with their scripts and suits, Corbyn looks more like a scruffy science teacher who’s likely to have pen on his hands or a stain on his trousers. He shows that you don’t have to conform to be successful, again, extremely appealing to the masses.

He’s carried on being exciting since his election, showing that he’s likely to do what he says. Politicians like Nick Clegg were shot down in flames when he conceded on tuition fees, you could never see Corbyn doing that. He went into his first Prime Minister’s Questions and rocked the boat; never before had questions from the public been submitted, it just hasn’t been done like that.

The nation’s journalists are on the edge of their seats to see what’s going to happen next. It’s an exciting time for the Labour Party, and its new leader will either make or break them. Brand Corbyn is definitely here to stay, and other politicians could learn a thing or two about the importance of saying one thing and doing another, and the mistrust of the public when actions don’t match the promises.

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