Karen Hardie Brand Strategist

Are you happy with your current brand?

Is it exactly what you want to be known for? Is it drawing in your ideal clients by the bucket loads? Do you have an active community of customers who wax lyrically about you and your brand? Are you converting prospects into customers with ease? That’s great if so. But if not, you may need the help of Karen Hardie (that’s me…!) I work tirelessly with my clients to create a brand and business that they love. I am, quite simply, a brandaholic.
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My Approach

We’ll work together through a step-by-step process


Get under the skin of who you are


Sort the wheat from the chaff!


Logos, straplines, colours etc - the exciting bit!


Start having meaningful conversations with your customers


Get your message out there

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Inspiration from the Blog

My goodness! Wasn’t the Labour leadership race one to watch? With Jeremy Corbyn storming to a landslide victory, it certainly was one for the history books. Ever since his name was associated with the Labour leadership, he has been surrounded by controversy – not just his opinions, but even the whole voting process to boot.

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Work with me

New to Branding? Or in need of a Branding Consultant? Find out how I can help.

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Video: My mission

My mission is for EVERY passionate business owner in the UK to have access to good quality, yet cost-effective branding and marketing.

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‘I had a clear idea of how I wanted my business and brand to look but wasn't sure whether it was right for my target market. Karen helped me get that clarity.’

Philippa Richard, You Just Rightsize Ltd

‘Karen is a great speaker and extremely knowledgeable about branding. She has vision, is clear-sighted and able to focus on the important stuff. She is also a fantastic editor.’

Julia Robinson, More Than Words

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